Eclipse Kepler DemoCamp in Trondheim

The Eclipse community in Norway is not very large — nowhere near what we for example see in Germany or France. But we, that is Itema AS, decided to give it a go anyway and arrange an Eclipse DemoCamp in Trondheim on the 28th of August. There is a lot of world class high-tech industry in the area, much of it dominated by the marine/petroleum and electronics/semi-conductor sectors. Hence there is also a strong IT-industry — so we figured it should be possible to fill the 30 seats available.

As it turned out — we did not. However 18 local developers, in addition to Ralph Müller of the Eclipse Foundation, Marcel Bruch of Codetrails and Werner Keil of Creative Arts and Technologies did show up and gave the Eclipse community in Trondheim a good start. Codetrails also co-sponsered the event which started with pizza and cold drinks being served.

In particular I would like to mention Frank Alexander Kraemers presentation on IDE for building M2M applications. It displayed some elegant use of GEF, and he gave an awesome demo. Marcel demoed Code Recommenders and showed us the bright future of a tool I think is going to be just as important for Java programming as Mylyn is for issue tracking. We also got some insight in the new [ctrl]flow Miner which can be used to mine your own source code. MARINTEK gave a short demo of the SIMA special purpose simulation tool which will also feature at the next EclipseCon.

For this and future arrangments I created a group at, the Trondheim Eclipse User Group. There will be more arrangments, so sign up if you would like to be notified. Also, if you would like to present a talk you are very much welcome. I think for the next event we will keep the talks a bit shorter (in the 10-15 minute area) in order to allow for more variety.

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