Hudson vs Jenkins: Development team responsiveness

Well, the headline is slightly misleading. My apologies. Although anyone reading news these days are probably used to worse. I chose it for a reason; a desire to fix Eclipse bug 341725. The story is as follows.

The automatic Hudson/Jenkins discovery mechanism in Mylyn Builds rely on a certain property announced by the continuous build server to uniquely identify the server. However this property is not unique. It is a simple URL. As the same service may be reached from a multitude of different URLs this is not good enough. A manually added service may be duplicated by a discovered service. Now we could for instance use the address of the announcing server, but also that may not be enough. The server is likely have one address outside of the local network and another on the inside.

So we came up with the idea of the server including an UUID or something similar when announcing itself on the network. That would require a few minor changes to both Jenkins and Hudson. Consequently I created two bug reports:


Either team have yet to reply, so it’s hard to tell which is more responsive. Not that the mentioned bug is a big issue. But I’m still hoping to get it fixed.


  1. Update: About one hour after I wrote this blog entry (and tweeted about it); Andrew Bayer of the Jenkins team marked their issue as fixed! +1 to you guys. Thanks šŸ™‚

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