Joining in on the Mylyn/Builds project

Early this year I decided to play around with the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF). One thing lead to another and before I knew it I had a generic build monitoring mechanism for Eclipse; “Buildmonitor“.

I hosted the project on Google code and was planning to make a public build as soon as things got stable. Just as this was about to happen I noticed Steffen Pingel’s post titled “Preview of Mylyn Hudson connector available“.

I was not very surprised to see that someone else had the same idea. After all; at the time I started on this there was at least one more build monitor for Eclipse already available. What was intriguing was these two project were so similar, even down to the GUI. (The code is very different though). I contacted Steffen and after exchanging a few emails we both agreed that it would be a good idea that I spend my time on Mylyn instead.

I’m now assigned to the Hudson Connector Project which is currently being drafted. Initially working on merging in anything useful that is not already covered by Mylyn code.

After being an Eclipse adopter for six years, this is a great opportunity to contribute directly. So I’d like to thank Steffen and the Mylyn team for being so welcoming.

See you all at Eclipse Summit Europe!



  1. Awesome Torkild! I'm looking forward to using the Mylyn/Builds project for my interaction with Hudson on a daily basis. It's amazing how these tools are making us more integrated and productive…

  2. Thanks Scott, Chris 🙂

    Scott: I used JSON/REST support for Hudson server communication. It was a bit awkward as Hudson does not use a normal syntax for passing arguments. I also used IDiscoveryLocator for mDNS automatic server discovery. That worked like a charm. I'll follow up on the ECF mailing list. The missing link was an omission on my part. Fixed.

    Chris: I totally agree with you. I've spent a good part of this year setting up a fairly complex build infrastructure involving building GCC based toolchains, Eclipse applications, firmware and tests using Ivy, Archiva and Hudson. Simply having the jobs listed in Eclipse, being able to diff logs when something went wrong was a great help. I'm really looking forward to what the Mylyn/Builds team will deliver for Indigo and I'm enjoying being small part of it!

  3. Hi Torkild,

    RE: JSON/REST support…awesome. Note that if the strange Hudson syntax implies desired generalization/changes to the ECF REST support then these changes can/could be made in ECF 3.4 or beyond. Please just bring up any ideas/suggestions via enhancement requests and/or postings to ecf-dev.

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