Electronic Literature

StanzaI’ve pretty much ignored electronic books for too long. Either buying the books on paper or simply searched the web for the information I need. However, spurred by the recent appearance of quality O’Reilly books on Apple’s App Store; I decided to take another look.

These books are published using a special version Stanza at a very low price (for instance NOK 29.- or about US$ 4.8 for the The Java Cookbook). But you’d probably be better off installing Stanza itself and buy the full version of the book. That will give you the option to download the PDF which is a more true representation of the printed book. You’ll also be able to download EPUB and Mobi formats which you can enjoy on other platforms instead of being forced to use your iPhone/iPod Touch.

Currently the Java Cookbook sells for US$ 34.99, but if you buy through Stanza you’ll get a 40% discount for a limited time for all available books (the offer is still valid).

Needless to say; I’m taking full advantage of this offer and filling up my library. Not as cool as having a nice row of books in the shelf, but just as useful (and I’ll save a tree or two).